Navigating the Aftermath: Handling Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment

In the wake of water-related disasters, safety is paramount, especially when it comes to electrical equipment. Allied Emergency Services, INC, specialists in storm and water damage restoration, provides essential guidelines for handling water-damaged electrical equipment, ensuring safety and compliance with the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION recommendations.

Key Points to Consider:

  1. Safety First: Electrical equipment exposed to water can be hazardous. Reenergizing without proper reconditioning or replacement can lead to dangerous situations.
  2. Avoid Reuse of Damaged Equipment: It’s crucial not to use any water-damaged electrical inventory. This includes not selling damaged equipment to resellers, as it poses significant hazards.
  3. Consult the Manufacturer: For any electrical equipment exposed to water, the original manufacturer should be contacted for specific recommendations and advice on reconditioning or replacement.
  4. Reconditioning Possibilities: Some larger types of electrical equipment may be reconditioned by properly trained personnel after manufacturer consultation. This depends on various factors like the nature of the electrical function, degree of flooding, age of the equipment, and duration of water exposure.
  5. Risks of Improper Cleaning: Using incorrect cleaning agents can cause further damage. Adherence to guidelines, such as those in the National Electrical Code® Section 110-11, is critical.
  6. Items for Replacement vs. Reconditioning: Certain items like molded case circuit breakers, fuses, and solid-state components generally require complete replacement. Others, like manual and magnetic motor controllers, may be reconditioned under expert supervision.
  7. Transformers and Wiring Concerns: Pay special attention to transformers and wiring, as water exposure can significantly impair their functionality and safety.
  8. Professional Assessment and Repair: Always engage qualified professionals for evaluating, disassembling, cleaning, drying, and repairing electrical equipment.


Handling water-damaged electrical equipment demands meticulous care and adherence to safety standards. Allied Emergency Services, INC, along with its network of experts, ensures thorough assessment and appropriate action to restore safety and functionality.

For more personalized guidance, consult with engineers and local building codes specific to your location. For immediate service or consultation, you may contact us at Allied Emergency Services, INC.

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