Pre-Retrofit Assessment of Walls, Windows, and Doors

Issue: Active Knob and Tube Wiring or Exposed Wiring

  • Solution: The house must be rewired before work in wall cavities may begin.

Issue: Mold

  • Solution: A mold remediation professional should conduct an in-depth inspection and follow up with proper remediation of affected areas. No work in wall cavities can proceed until the space has been certified clean by the mold professional. (See EPA Protocols)

Issue: Structural Integrity and Wood Rot

  • Solution: Make the framing structurally sound, remediate rot, and correct sources of moisture as part of the project.

Issue: Lead-Based Paint (Homes Built Before 1978)

  • Solution: Follow the most current version of EPA’s Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

Issue: Natural Draft Combustion Appliance

  • Solution: An assessment of the combustion appliances by a qualified auditor or HVAC contractor will be necessary, including a Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) test.

Issue: Pest-Related Activity or Damage

  • Solution: Inspection and treatment by a certified pest control contractor will be necessary before work can proceed.

Issue: Vermiculite Insulation or Asbestos-Containing Materials

  • Solution: Obtain professional advice. Vermiculite insulation may contain asbestos and must be tested before wall cavity work begins. Contact the state health department. (See EPA Protocols)

Issue: Leaks or Moisture Damage

  • Solution: Include repairs in the project and pay attention to sources of interior condensation.

Wiring and Electrical System Assessment

  • Assess the current electrical system for exposed or damaged wiring. Consult a qualified electrician if necessary.

Combustion Appliances

  • Verify the presence of carbon monoxide alarms complying with UL 2034 if combustion appliances are present.

Mold and Structural Integrity

  • Clean up accessible mold; extensive mold or structural damage may require professional inspection and repair.


  • Follow EPA protocols if asbestos is suspected in vermiculite insulation or cladding.


  • Follow state and federal laws for handling lead-based paint in homes built before 1978.

Moisture Control

  • Inspect components exposed to rain and moisture for damage and consider repair or replacement.

Roof Drainage

  • Ensure proper roof drainage away from walls, windows, and doors.


  • Evaluate grading around the house to direct groundwater away from the foundation.


  • Position sprinklers to avoid subjecting windows, walls, doors, and foundation to water.


  • Address condensation issues caused by storm windows and moisture-generating activities.


  • Inspect for animal infestations and signs of termites or carpenter ants; involve pest control professionals if needed.

Code Considerations

  • Check local code requirements before insulation installation, including R-value, safety, pest inspections, and radon mitigation.


  • Follow safe work practices during enclosure air-sealing activities to minimize health effects on workers.

This concise guide provides essential information and references for a successful pre-retrofit assessment of walls, windows, and doors.

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