Understanding the Complexity of Cellular Damage to Cedar Wood from Hail: What Insurance Carriers Often Miss

The Intricate Science of Cedar Wood Damage

Cedar wood is known for its beauty, durability, and unique aromatic properties. But when hail strikes, it may cause not only surface deformations but also complex cellular damage. Scientifically speaking, this damage can have profound effects on the integrity, appearance, and longevity of cedar structures. Unfortunately, this complexity is often overlooked by insurance carriers.

What Happens to Cedar at the Cellular Level?

Cell Wall Fracturing

The strong impacts of hail can cause the cell walls of cedar wood to fracture or break, leading to a compromised structure.

Cell Separation

Adjacent cells may separate, creating gaps that further weaken the wood and promote splintering.

Lignin Damage

Lignin, the binder in wood, may crack or become displaced, affecting the wood’s ability to bear loads.

Increased Susceptibility to Degradation

Damaged cells are more prone to moisture infiltration, rot, and decay.

Changes in Material Properties

Cumulative cellular damage alters the material properties of cedar, reducing its resilience and overall service life.

The Disconnect with Insurance Carriers

Often, insurance carriers fail to recognize the intricate and multifaceted damage that hail can cause to cedar wood. The focus may be on superficial treatments, such as power-washing or staining, overlooking the underlying structural problems.

Misunderstanding of Scientific Aspects

The scientific understanding of cellular damage is complex and requires a deep examination. Insurance carriers may not fully grasp this complexity, leading to inadequate solutions.

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