Hail Storm Hits Darien and Joliet: Protecting Your Midwest Property Including Chicago

Hail storms and landspouts can cause significant damage to property, especially in areas that aren’t prepared for such unexpected weather phenomena. A storm report from June 1, 2023, details significant hail and a brief landspout in the Midwest region, particularly in Darien, Wisconsin, Joliet, Illinois, and even parts of the greater Chicago area.

A Brief But Dangerous Landspout Near Darien

At around 10:24 PM, a trained spotter reported a brief landspout 4 miles SSE from Darien, Wisconsin. Initially reported from the intersection of US Highway 14 and WI-67, the landspout was confirmed shortly afterwards.

Landspouts are tornadoes that form from non-supercell thunderstorms. While typically weaker than supercell tornadoes, they can still pose a threat to properties, especially in rural areas.

A Hail Storm Sweeps Joliet

Earlier in the evening, around 7:50 PM, a severe hail storm impacted Joliet, Illinois, especially on the west side of the city. The hail, roughly the size of a quarter, pelted the city for almost ten minutes.

Hail can cause substantial damage to homes and vehicles, cracking windows, denting siding, and even leading to roof damage.

Impact on the Greater Chicago Area

The storm didn’t spare the Chicago area either. Approximately 2,055 homes within the storm’s swath were affected. Chicago, known for its diverse architecture and strong community, took a considerable hit from this hail storm.

Protecting Your Midwest Property

Whether it’s a landspout near Darien or a hail storm in Joliet and Chicago, unpredictable severe weather can have a significant impact on your property. At Allied Emergency Services, we specialize in helping homeowners and property owners throughout the Midwest recover from storm damage.

Our services include roofing, siding, and window repairs or replacements, helping to protect your property from the elements. We offer rapid response times, quality workmanship, and reliable service, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the safety and comfort of your home.

Stay updated on severe weather events across the Midwest and learn more about how to protect your property on our news page. To inquire about our services or to request assistance following a severe weather event, reach out to us at 1-800-792-0212.

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