Damage To Shingles Caused By Hail

Is Hail Damage Immediately

Definitely not always… hail impact may cause a gradual loss of granules that can, over time, result in
premature aging of the roof shingles.
Without visual damage, there is no real way to be sure how much hail damage shingles have
encountered. Outward damage may not be apparent until months or even years later.

How Can I Tell If My Roof Was Damaged?

Hail damage can appear as indentations and fractures in the roof shingle surface.
Hailstones vary in size and shape and create a random pattern of damage.

If you live in an area that was impacted by a storm DO NOT WAIT! Call us immediately at 1-800-792-0212 or schedule a FREE Hail Damage Inspection .

What Are The Possible
Types Of Hail Damage To My Shingles?

  • Granule loss at points of impact, which may be accompanied by surface depression.
  • Cracks in the surfacing, which may radiate outward from points of impact.
  • Exposed fiberglass mat, where the granule-asphalt surfacing has been shattered and
    has broken away from the mat.
  • A fractured fiberglass mat, which may or may not be immediately visible. A fractured
    mat may result in tears from the points of impact. Furthermore, hidden
    damage to the mat can develop into cracks and tears at a later point in time as the shingles age.
  • Storm damage can result in the loosening of the self-seal strip. This damage may be
    immediately visible or may weaken the seal integrity, creating the possibility of future
    shingle blow off.

Is Hail Damage Covered Under My Roof Warranty?

Hail damage to roofing shingles is excluded from most manufacturer’s warranty.  

A.E.S. can be contacted at 1-800-792-0212. Also, our website is a great resource for just about any question you may have or for additional information you may require. Please visit www.alliedemergencyservices.com to find the latest information on our services.

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